Target Beauty Bag!!!

This offer is still available if you haven’t requested one yet- so don’t miss out! The Target beauty bag is always an awesome freebie!

Target is giving out a FREE Summer beauty bag full of samples- just go here to the Target Beauty bag Facebook page to get yours.  You will have to allow the app and then fill out a short form with your mailing address to request one. These are usually FULL of fun, free samples and COUPONS!!!!! Not to mention a great little bag!

Coupon Policies

Check out the new Coupon Policies page. It provides links to many major retail and grocery stores.

Couponing is a game and having the knowledge of the rules of the game in hand helps you navigate the game and find those awesome deals!!!!

YES to Coupons

The Denver post is Coloradans main source of coupon inserts and if you have a subscription you already get one set of inserts delivered to your door, but many do not have a weekly subscription. So what do we do?

Great news!!!! The Denver Post offers a program called Yes To Coupons. If you do not have a current subscription, call the Denver Post and ask to sign up for the program. They will then deliver, to your home, the weekly coupon inserts and advertisements.The best part is it is FREE!!!! Yes FREE!!! It is a great way to get 1 set of inserts every week. I do recommend that you do purchase at least 2 more papers each week so you can get a good collection of coupons in your hands.

Happy couponing!