Get Organized!

Getting organized to coupon can be a scary thought. It may look like it takes a long time to get organized and get started, but I am here to assure you that it doesnt take much time at all. Please understand you will need to set aside time every week to stay organized, cut your coupons and browse ads.

There are many ways to get yourself organized and no one way is the right wat to do it. Envelopes in your purse, an accordian file, paperclips, however you decide to do it, keep up with it! I preferr the binder organizational system. It allows you to catorgize your coupons, see the actual face of the coupon and makes for easier purging of coupons when they expire.

The tools you will need to get a binder system organized are as follows:

2-6 inch binder

Baseball card holders- found in your local office supply store or with the collector cards in Target and Walmart


Binder Index– click here to down load the binder index that I use!

If you are interested, I do have binder systems already made up and ready to go.

Please contact me with any questions or if you are interested in a ready made binder system.


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