Raincheck, Raincheck, Raincheck



There is nothing more frustrating during the holiday shopping season than running to a store to get the perfect gift for someone and the shelves are empty!! Luckily there is a solution to ease your frustrations. RAINCHECKS!!!! When you find the shelves bare, make your way up to the customer service desk and request a Raincheck. A Raincheck will ensure you will get the product you want at the price that was advertised! This will add a little bit of time to your shopping trip, waiting to get a Raincheck, but in the long run you will be saving money!

This happened to me today! I hurried to Target today to get the Lego Friends house that was advertised for $64.99 and they didn’t have any. The gentleman at the customer service desk was more than happy to help me with a raincheck for the Lego’s.

This is a get tip not only this time of year but anytime you shop and especially when you shop with coupons!!!!

Make sure you keep the Rainchecks in a special spot in your coupon organization system or wallet and watch the expiration dates on the Rainchecks. And check back with the retailer regularly to see if the product has been restocked.

Happy Savings!!!!